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Vasiliki (Greek: Βασιλική) is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island and is 40km south from the town of Lefkada, second largest holiday resort on the Island.

The village is clustered round its little harbour, shaded by eucalyptus and plane trees, which is the centre of life in the village.

Vasiliki is the seat of the Municipality and lately has developed into a self-contained tourist resort with a full range of facilities. The harbour is lined with restaurants and cafes, while the main street – leading north from the harbour – has all the shops one could possibly want. Other facilities in the village include a Police Station, Medical Centre, Post Office, Bakery, Petrol Station, Butcher shop, etc. Accommodation of all kinds is available, from rented rooms to hotels and there is a large and modern camp site allong the beach cater mainly for younger visitors.

The night life is vigorous, with discos for those who like their holidays to be a little more lively. Visitors who want a quieter time will find the seafront cafes, which are open until late night, a pleasant place to sit.

Vasiliki Bay is an ideal spot for wind-surfing, and has begun to attract more and more devotees of the sport in recent years. All days the windsurfers with their multi-coloured sails can be seen crossing the blue water of the bay. In the mornings there is a sea breze which makes sailing safe for beginners, while in the afternoon the wind, known amongst windsurfers as Eric, often rises to strenghts which will challenge the more experienced.

Those who do not have their own windsurfing equipment can hire it at the beach.

The road along the Harbour to the south leads to a number of little coves which are good places for swimming. Vasiliki beach is mainly pebble with some shingle, and is gently shelving. These bays end at the exeptionally good beach of Ayiofylli, which can only be reached by sea (there is a caique service from the harbour).

Vasiliki is on the east side of the bay, while the west side is known as Ponti. Here you can find pleasant walking trails following the coast and cycling is as well very popular here. Many hotels offer bicycle here. Scuba diving is also available.

You can visit the villages of Agios, Petros, and Sivros, or take the small boats for the beaches of Porto-Katsiki, Alektori and Agiofili. The port supports ferries to nearby Ithaca and Cephalonia, making the town a minor centre for tourism.

Vasiliki Bay is reputed to offer excellent sailing conditions reliably from May through September and several companies take advantage of this by offering sailing and windsurfing excursions.

Where to eat :

- Stelios Restaurant

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