Terms & Conditions

The following stipulations establish the general conditions of sale applicable to reservation services provided by Blue Dreams s.r.o.


Blue Dreams s.r.o is a company duly incorporated in the Slovakian Administrative Region. Our website,, provides useful, updated and readily accessible information on luxury and character villas and apartments in Lefkada only and also facilitates a convenient way for you to make your on-line reservation with such villa (“Our Services”). It is important that you read and understand these terms before using Our Services. By accessing or using Our Services, you agree to be legally bound by these terms, which may be modified from time to time. We reserve our right to change these terms at any time and amendments will take effect when posted on this website. We only act as the intermediary between our website users and the participating villas and apartments so we do not have and never intend to have any contractual involvement in your reservation. When you use Our Services to make a reservation, the contract is made directly between you and the villa’s owner concerned.

The information contained in our website is provided and updated by the owners from time to time and so while we will try our best to ensure that such information is accurate, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such information, nor can we warrant that access to our website will be uninterrupted or fault free. These terms and conditions are set out in several languages but in case of conflict, the English version shall prevail


The prices displayed on our website according to season are negotiated between us and the participating villas and apartments, and they may be different from the prices published by the owners elsewhere. Therefore, you should accept that the prices may be different at the time of your reservation.

Subject to confirmation by the owner concerned and also to your provision of valid and correct credit card information for payment, your reservation will be irrevocably binding on you upon your clicking on “Confirm the booking” on our website. Confirmation of your reservation will be made by us by email and so it is your duty to provide your accurate email address to us. Such confirmation will usually be made within 4 business hours after you submit your reservation order. In case your reservation is not accepted, we will try our best to provide you with another comparable alternative if possible, but you are freely entitled whether to accept such an alternative.

The currency in which prices are displayed is based on the euro rate, but you can always select another currency in which you want to see the prices of the participating villas. However, these converted prices are based on various publicly available sources using daily spot rates, and should be used as guidelines only. Rates used by Blue Dreams s.r.o are believed to be accurate, but our respective suppliers do not warrant or guarantee such accuracy, and actual rates may vary. The prevailing and real rates on our website are the ones in the local currency of the villas concerned and, where this applies, the ones in which the guarantee deposit is charged from your credit card so in euro.

Our confirmation email will serve as proof of valid reservation and it will contain relevant information of the reservation and particulars of the villa concerned. Please read and check carefully all the information contained in our confirmation email to ensure that they conform to your reservation. You are required to produce our confirmation email when it may be necessary.


When you make an on-line villa reservation you will have to provide us with your credit card information such as its number and expiry date.

For some of the participating villas and apartments that you will find in our website, the payment of a guarantee deposit will be required to validate your reservation, based on the conditions negotiated with these participating villas and apartments. When your reservation is confirmed, this guarantee deposit clearly displayed during the reservation process will be charged to your credit card. You can choose the currency in which you want the deposit to be charged, in US Dollars, Euros or Pound Sterlings. This guarantee deposit will be charged by Blue Dreams s.r.o, acting under collection mandate from Lefkada Travel, whose name will appear on your credit card statement Blue dreams’ business name “Lefkada Travel”. If your reservation is not confirmed, your credit card will not be charged. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express. Under no circumstances will Blue Dreams be liable for any kind of foreign exchange commissions that your bank might charge you. The outstanding balance of the retail price of the villa reserved, as well as additional charges which may incur during the stay at the villa will be settled by the guest in local currency at the villa. In case of a confirmed reservation, the credit card details will be passed over securely to the owner which may pre-authorize or charge the card in accordance with the booking policy as displayed on the Lefkada Travel website. Lastly, in case of a non-refundable rate with these participating villas and apartments, please note that the credit card will be charged upon reservation by both Blue Dreams for the amount of the Deposit in the currency you would have chosen and the villa in its local currency for the Oustanding Balance.

For some other participating villas that you will find in our website, and based on the conditions negotiated with these participating villas, no payment of any guarantee deposit will be required, and the full amount of your booking will be charged to you directly by the owner in its local currency. The full price of the villa reserved, as well as all other charges which you may incur during your stay at the villa, will be settled by you in local currency at the villa when you check in. Under no circumstances will Blue Dreams s.r.o. be liable for any kind of foreign exchange commissions that your bank might charge you.
By making the reservation through our website you are deemed to have unconditionally and irrevocably authorized and consented to our release of your credit card information to the villa concerned for this purpose.


Each villa will have its own terms and conditions for cancellation of validly-confirmed reservation. You are therefore strongly advised to read carefully such terms and conditions which are displayed on our website before you make your reservation. You will be bound by such terms and conditions once your reservation is confirmed. In case of cancellation, we suggest that you should promptly and directly contact us to minimize any penalty or charges payable.

When your reservation is cancelled, the guarantee deposit, in case you had to pay one upon your reservation and where applicable, is fully refunded to you, and an additional processing fee may apply in some cases. However, when penalties do apply, based on the terms and conditions of the villa prevailing at the time when you made the reservation, the owner may directly charge to your credit card account all penalties or charges which you are liable to pay for the cancellation. However, this does not apply in case of a Non Refundable Rate where you cannot cancel your booking nor be reimbursed.

All disputes relating to cancellation of reservation shall be dealt with or settled directly between you and the owner concerned, and we will not be involved or be responsible in any way except to arrange for the refund of the guarantee deposit where applicable, to provide information needed to calculate the penalties that apply and to pass your credit card information on to the owner concerned as aforesaid. No claim whatsoever shall be made by you against us in respect of any penalty or charges levied by the villa concerned for your cancellation of reservation and you shall seek your redress, if any, directly against the villa concerned.


We adopt the SSL encoding protocols to secure and protect your credit card information. However, any losses incurred or sustained by you in transmitting information shall be borne solely and exclusively by you. If you are using a public computer for Our Services, you should sign out after you have finished using it.


We take privacy issues very seriously. Our current privacy policy covers our use of any information you provide. In using Our Services you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms of our privacy policy.


By using Our Services you agree to comply with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations concerning your use of Our Services and we will not assume any responsibility thereof.

We merely act as an intermediary between you and the villas and so we do not have any control whatsoever over the quality of services or the charges of the villas. We therefore are not responsible or liable in any way whatsoever in relation to any dispute arising between you and the villas regarding their charges, quality of services, facilities or otherwise. Nevertheless, we entitle ourselves to select the most reliable villas and owners in terms of quality and services.
The contract is made between you and the owner concerned and so you should make all your claim or complaint against or settle it directly with the owner concerned. At the time of checking out, we may ask you to kindly complete our standard questionnaire to express your comment about the villa concerned and Our Services so that we may use it for future reference to improve Our Services. It is also your own responsibility to obtain your valid visa (if necessary) and comply with all local health and custom requirements applicable to the place you are going to visit.

Without prejudice to the generality of the matters aforesaid, in the event that either we or the villas are held liable by any court of competent jurisdiction to pay any damages or compensation to you, you agree and accept that the amount of such damages or compensation shall in no circumstances exceed the total amount of money actually paid by you to the owner concerned for the reservation or the sum of 1,000 Euros, whichever is the least

Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to limit any rights you may have as a consumer under the applicable law that may not be excluded, nor in any way to exclude or limit the liability of the villa concerned to you in the case of death or personal injury resulting from its negligence.


The contents of our website and all reservation made using Our Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Slovakian Administrative Region. These terms and conditions and any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim of whatever nature in relation thereto shall also be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Slovakian Administrative Region. Any dispute or difference arising out of or in connection with Our Services and/or these terms and conditions and/or our website shall be referred to and determined by arbitration under the Electronic Transaction Arbitration Rules of the Slovakian International Arbitration Centre.

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