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Within a small cove of unique beauty, and just 15km from Nidri, a landscape of hills surrounds the pretty harbour of Sivota (or Syvota). 
Sivota is a picturesque fishing harbour that is located 33km south of the island’s capital in a beautiful bay of the same name. 
It’s an ideal place to relax and a very good stop for a boat (you have an equipped port and furnished market). 
Sivota gets quite crowded during summer, especially by sailing yachts visited by flotillas of the British tour operators. A natural port provides mooring for yachts, but also offers a small shingle beach too. 
Sivota is a relatively quieter place where one can enjoy locally cooked seafood. The nice little taverns that border the beach serve excellent fresh sea food. Since only a few buses thread their way down from Lefkada town each day, the best route to reach the town is to rent a car or a small motorcycle to join Sivota.

Where to eat :

- Apothiki – Old Store

- Taverna Ionion

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