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Nydri, a lively little town, and the surrounding area of the Municipality of Ellomenos are located on the south-east side of Lefkada. It has many outstanding physical beauties, both on the coasts as well as the hinterland, which leave every visitor in awe. In this region the morphology of the earth varies.

It combines the island’s largest fertile plain, Englimenos, with the mountain ranges of Platystoma, Vakeris, Neochori, Alatros and Fternos, with the beaches and tourist resorts that are visited by thousands of holiday-makers.

The large, leeward bay of Vlycho, which extends far into the dry land, constitutes an excellent natural harbour, hospitable to all the boats that sail in the waters of the Ionian Sea.

A few years ago, Nydri and its surrounding area was nothing more than a small fishing community. Most of the inhabitants lived in small, semi-mountain villages located higher up, at Rachi, Vavkeri and Platystoma, and were involved in agriculture, live-stock rearing and fishing, as were all the villagers of the island.

The resort remained undeveloped until the death of famous Greek billionaire Aristotles Onassis in 1975. Now it is a proper holiday resort, full of bustle and life.

The rapid development of tourism gave the area a great push and won over the majority of the locals. Yet despite the crowds of people and the traffic alnog the main street, the natural beauty of Nydri will always be a source off attraction to visitors.

Nydri is arranged in rather a peculiar manner. A line of buildings stand along the front, housing cafes, restaurant and tavernas on the side facing the sea, while on the side facing the road the same buildings are shops. There are 2 roads run parallel with each other, bustling main street and the long harbour road with bars and restaurants. Nydri has really all the amenities of a modern resort town to offer visitors. There are planty of restaurants to suit all tastes. They vary from Italian to International, including a good selection of traditional Greek tavernas. The night-life is also interesting. There are various cafes, bars, clubs open until late into the night.

You will not have a problem to find accommodation in Nydri, it range from affordable rooms to luxurious hotels and villas. There are planty of shops with various goods as well.

The beautiful and immaculately clean sandy beach, which stretches out for kilometres ahead up north, provides shallow and blue water. The water is clear, without currents and warms up quickly during the summer. You can hire the sun beds and umbrellas on the beach. There is also a lot of the opportunity to try out all kinds of water sports. You will not be bored here! There are schools which teach sea sports and all the equipment necessary for them can be rented.

The view across the bay is superb. The quay in front of the cafes is lined with yachts, fishing-boats and other vessles. Nydri is a major yacht and boat centre. In late September it takes place the annual Ionian Regatta. It is located in the east coast, the sea is usually calm, good contition for learning how to sail. There is a big choise of excursion boats, leaving daily for local islet. There are also ferries to Ithaca and Kefalonia.

The closest area around Nydri is fairly flat, good for peaceful cycle rides and walks through olive groves.

It was at Nydri, according to Dorpfeld, Homer´s Odysseus had his capital. The excavations of the German archeologist to the south of the village brought to light traces of inhabitation in the Middle Helladic period (1900-1550 BC), tombs with a variety of funerary offerings, potery, and aqueduct and other items from the Mycenean age. Roman and perhaps Byzantine tombs were also found.

The sunset at Nydri is another of the factors which make the place unforgettable. The upland mass of the Island stands on one side, with its olive groves and expanses of forest, while on the other the sea and the land mingle, with almost landlocked coves and a sea like a mirror going together to create a landscape of unique beauty. When the sun sinks behind the mountains, the light spreads out, enveloping everything in its magic reflection.

The region’s beauties are not just limited to its sandy beaches and to its cosmopolitan character. It also has many important historical, natural, as well as cultural monuments to show, both along the coast and inland.

As we stand on the quay at Nydri, we face the end of the peninsula which forms Vlycho Bay. To the right are the quiet waters of Vlycho, an outstanding natural harbour and beauty spot. Vlycho is an attractive little village squeezed in between the sea and the mountaiside. It is famous for its boatyards, which are among the last in Greece still to construct boats in the traditional manner. The skillsof these craftmen is in great demand.

Further out are the surrounding islands, Sparti to the left, Madouri a little closer and Skorpidi and Scorpios in the backround.

Behind it is an imposing range of mountains. The hill above Periyali to the north, Mt Stavrotas in the centre and to the south west the summit above Vlycho.

The whole of the Vlychos peninsular is a luscious green that hugs the coast and reaches round as far as the opposite side from Nydri.  And opposite, on the edge of the horizon, the coast of Akarnania on the Greek mainland, frames this unique and exquisite picture, a picture which differs during every hour of the day.

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