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Kathisma is located 14 kilometres west of the capital city Lefkada. This vast expanse of golden sand and azure water is a continuation of Agios Nikitas beach after the interruption of the headland cliffs. A rough track leads down to the beach and ends there.

Kathisma, with its long beach with fine white sand and turquoise waters surrounded by impressive cliffs, is one of the most beautiful beaches on Lefkada.

On the right the beach ends at the rocks, which run quite a long way out to sea, with little caves and coves, super place for swimming. In effect, it is the sea beach which can be reached from Kalamitsi, the next village to the south. Off the beach on this side are some little rocky islets where bats nest. At dusk they can be seen heading in flocks for the vineyards which lie at the top of the beach. The sunset at Kathisa is unforgettable.The sands at Kathisma are some of the most popular on Lefkas.

Although this beach is not blessed with much shade, it nevertheless has interesting rock promontories and caves to explore and a couple of large rocks in the sea at the southern end where nudists tend to congregate.
Kathisma beach often makes it into the top ten most beautiful Mediterranean beaches and it is easy to understand why. However, as the sand can create deep shelves, be aware that children need to be watched closely. The sea water is wonderful, but care should be taken when the north-west wind gets up the waves can be quite dangerous.
On the main section of the beach there are tavernas and bars with swimming pools in the bars. As it is west facing, many people linger around to enjoy the sunsets. There is as well various accommodation options.
There are plenty of beach umbrellas and beds and the beach has a young and lively feel, with volleyball and tennis courts. In the summer  you can enjoy paragliding from the cliffs.
Kathima is a beach of the youth. For those who like loud music and dancing it is a perfect place to live it up and have a great time.
There is a regular bus service from Lefkas Town and plenty of parking behind the beach. Parking is in great demand at weekends when visitors arrive in droves. Fortunately, the beach is big enough for it rarely to feel too crowded.

In the year 2000 a popular magazine poll voted Kathisma one of the top 10 Greek beaches by visitors.


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