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Karya is the centre of the lace-making tradition of Lefkada, and the largest mountain village on the Ionian island. The village is located about 8km southwest of Lefkada Town, on the slope of Pyrgos at an altitude of about 500 meters, in the middle of a forest of plane and birch trees. The highest point in the municipal unit of Karya is the mountain Stavrota, elevation 1 158 m.

Karya consists of a number of neighbourhood arranged around an attractive paved main square crowned by huge trees. However the square is not at the centre of the village, which may give a mistaken impression of size of the community. In fact, Karya goes on for a long way after the square. The central square is dominated by a huge plane tree, and the main street is lined with lace and embroidery shops. You will find marvellous traditional stone houses, wonderful narrow streets and unique squares with perennial planes where you can enjoy drinking coffee or ouzo.

Karya is known for its lace and embroidery and the hand made blankets, which can be bought in the village or at the showroom in the main street of the town of Lefkada. There are also some superb examples in the Folklore Museum A piece of lace from Karya undoubtedly make an unusual souvenir and by buying one  is contributing to keeping alive a tradition which  would otherwise by dying out.

If you visit the village on 11th August you can see a representation of the Lefkadian wedding.

At the old monastery of St. George at Skari you can see remarkable 17th century frescoes.

Karya retains a traditional culture. I tis unspoilt by the usual tourist development. Many beautiful beaches are easily accessible from Karya. Karya´s inhabitants are kind, polite and hospital. The women wearing traditional costumes call visitors  for shooting the photos. Come here for a cool evening in the middle of the summer and enjoy your dinner under the plane trees in one of the traditional taverns.

Where to eat :

- Taverna Karaboulias

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