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Aghios Petros (Greek: Άγιος Πέτρος) is a town in the municipality of Apollonii of the Lefkada Prefecture in the southern part of the Lefkada Island in Greece.

This pitoresque village is 6 km northwest of Vassiliki and is linked with a roads to Vassiliki and Lefkada, as well as the GR-42, which leads to the mainland with a drawbridge.

The name comes from the church that is built in the village since 14th century.

Aghios Petros, is a traditional mountainous village. It is a primarily agricultural community set in a beautiful location and with a wonderful view over the plain of Vasiliki and the crest of Stavrota, the island´s highest peak.  It is one of the largest village with very hospitable inhabitants. You can enjoy here delicious tratitional dishes of the region.

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