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Just after the picturesque village of Evgiros, the fully surfaced road continues 3km down to the romantic beach of Afteli, which is not very long but is also not often crowded. The only building is a villa, constructed by one occupant near the pebble beach.

Owing to the fact there are no specific attractions which can lure tourists, this beach offers the opportunity to snorkel along the rocky coast, in a peaceful setting.

This small cove offers the perfect opportunity for a romantic picnic or a nice glass of wine, near crystal clear waters, away from lots of people.
We recommend this tiny paradise, there is as well a very nice small bar who is offering nice and fresh drinks alongside the beach and as well some brunch (very tasty) such as Club sandwich, toats, salads etc.

Very rare as well on the island, the same bar offers free sun-bed and sun-shades if needed. First ones arrived, first ones served :)

There is as well access to fresh waters to clean yourself after a nice bath in the sea. Afteli Bay is really a nice place for a relaxing afternoon.

*Please make sure to bring a Bio Sun Cream. The regular creams we have found in all shops contribute to destroying the bay’s ecosystem

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