Lefkada-Travel is primarily a project “Coup de Coeur”, launched in 2008 by Renaud Devaliere, Zuzanna Kaluznikova and myself, Jerome Laubion.

Coming from completely different origins but united by the “Coup de Coeur” for the island of Lefkas (best known under the name of Lefkada), we had the opportunity to experience or discover destinations as varied, exciting, attached to the world!

Well, the island of Lefkada is one of the destinations that are closest to what might be called a Paradise.


Renaud Devaliere :
Son of a diplomat, Renaud has traveled for more than half of his life from one seaside location to another. Freshly graduated from engineering school, he worked as project manager for large enterprises, while keeping the idea and dream to return one day to be near to the sea.
His skills both professionally and personally, gave us the opportunity to present you this website which will allow you to “live the experience Lefkada” before your stay with us and we welcome you as a guest here.


Zuzka Devaliere :
Graduated from a course on the history of art and she is passionate for the magic that emanates from exceptional photographs. Zuzka has put all her skills to the services of several estate agents in Slovakia. She also specializes in homes of character and architects.
Her skills will allow you to travel through her photos on the island of Lefkada and thus discover the endearing side of this very exceptional island.


Jérôme Laubion :
Son of expatriate, graduated from an International Business School, Jerome has joined a large international French moving company. Yesterday, director of a subsidiary of the group he was in constant contact with clients as well as diplomats, businessmen of all nationalities. Promoting the relational side, he starts with Zuzka and Renaud in this adventure that combines both passion and know-how.


With our professional knowledge and the fact that we are also frequent travelers, we personally select our villas in the light of our experience and what they can offer holidaymakers. We maintain a close personal relationships with the owners of our villas and are in constant contact with them, ensuring that the villas that we offer are not only perfect at the time of arrival but also perfect during the stay of our guests.

Services, knowledge of the island and other professionals with whom we cooperate, are carefully selected and tested, not only for their ability to provide outstanding service, but also for their friendly personality, because they are an integral part of holiday customers. They all embody the philosophy of travel “by team-Lefkada”, Travel based on truth, quality and service without pretension.

Our goal is to build and develop our relationship with our clients to make you a fan of Lefkada, of our services and of the “experience Villa!”



The answer to the question “What’s Lefkada Travel? is simple: a site offering online booking of luxury villas and unique character design to our numerous clients.

Everyone has their own vision of luxury” ” says our team and we are fully aware: our selection runs for all these various aspects of the luxury villas of character offering quality services.

Different holidays for different needs. We help you find your perfect match for a discrete escape from the city, one week adventure with friends, a gourmet getaway based on heavenly blue colors, emerald green or for a dream honeymoon. Each occasion is a good reason to visit Lefkada Travel and consult our villas available throughout the island of Lefkada.

Trust. The quality of service we offer is closely linked to the trusting relationship we build with each of our partners. Our partners are proud to install our colors at the entrance to the villa and our customers reap the most benefits.

Team. Lefkada Travel was founded in 2008 by Renaud Devaliere, Zuzka Devaliere and Jerome Laubion in translating their first acquisition in Sivota, the St. Tropez of Lefkada. Sitting on the ground, enjoying a sunset breathtaking, so the foundations of our project were raised.

Create a website that allows our customers to discover an island outside of the common via a high level set of service and a website that will make you dream to finally live your own



What makes us different is our selection of original and unique villas.
Each client can find the rare pearl that meets all his or her expectations for all occasions: a true inspiration.


After their stay, our customers are expressing their opinion noting the villas on a scale of 1 to 5.

This information is subsequently published online in the page of the villa to offer full transparency. The villa can not intervene in the rating process and when the notes are inadequate, it is eliminated from our selection.


We offer a website clear, transparent and easy to use. There is no extra hidden cost in our prices and booking process is simple and clear.

Unlike other websites, Lefkada Travel diffuse-line availability of information and updated in real time.


We also offer exceptional customer service open 365 days a year and available in 4 languages.

Our team will answer all your questions and if, unfortunately, you are not satisfied with the villa, our advisors are there to recommend solutions that suit you best.


Our website ensures availability updated in real time and offers the best prices.

We do not take any booking fees and no hidden prices for supplements.


Lefkada Travel TEAM
Renaud, Zuzka & Jerome

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